With more days behind 2016 than ahead, 2017 is beginning to loom brightly in the not so distant future.  Desert Ability Center looks forward to a year of programmatic growth and outreach.

We have a plate that is beginning to fill with the treats that are the DAC.

Letitia Collins has kept our cyclists busy with bi-monthly rides across the valley through THE CYCLE CREW.  She has also spearheaded a fundraiser that allowed us to award two children with handcycles.

We look forward to providing more handcycles for our children, youth and adults who live with a physical disability with your help.




We now have three, yes three, Certified Peer Visitors who will be re-launching our amputee support group DESERT AMP CREW.  These monthly meetings are designed to support people who may be scheduled for an amputation, while they are in the hospital and after they return home.  Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each  month, 6:30-8:30 pm at the Palm Springs Air Museum.



We will continue to serve veterans with disabilities through our VA Adaptive Sports program  OPERATION ABILITY.  Through this grant veterans rode in the Patriot Ride and will be riding in the Tour de Palm Springs in January 2017.  The 2nd Operation Ability 2-day adaptive sports event will take place in early April.




We thank you for your support while we rebuild programs that are meeting the needs of people who live with a disability and maximize the quality of life.


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