Welcome to the 2018–19 Desert Ability Center season of sports and events.  It’s been a long, hot summer and we are so looking forward to the launch of our new season.

CYCLING. We want to begin by thanking the City of La Quinta, a generous private donor and Renova Solar for their support that allowed us to replace our handcycles and recumbents that were stolen in May of this year.  We will be back on the road in October pushing to attain our 35 mile goal for our riders.

WHEELCHAIR TENNIS.  We are beginning to see some awesome growth in our tennis players that has resulted in two level of instruction.  As our beginners begin to advance to the next level, we are looking for more players to join us at the Marriott Desert Springs.

WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL.  We are so glad to be bringing wheelchair tennis back and will be running a 12-week clinic for wheelchair users and able body volunteers.

DISABILITY SPORTS FESTIVAL.  Desert Ability Center is all about ability and possibilities.  For this reason the DisAbility Sports Festival is “ditchin’ the dis” and will become the ABILITY FESTIVAL.  We look forward to you joining us on Saturday, December 1, 2018 to “show us what you’re made of.”

SUPPORT SERVICES.  Through DESERT AMP CREW and SPINAL TAP we offer support for those living with limb loss and those living with spinal cord injuries.  Our monthly meetings bring together some pretty amazing people to support each other, meets professionals in the fields of amputations, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders.

We are so excited about the connection we have made with the health providers in the rehabilitation centers who are joining us to connect those with disabilities to these services.

TOUR DE PALM SPRINGS.  This will be our 9th year riding in the Tour de Palm Springs and supporting the inclusion of riders with disabilities.  We welcome riders of all levels and have cycles available for use.

DESERT ABILITY CENTER. The development of adaptive sports in the Coachella Valley has included a wide array of adaptive sports clinic, events, educational programs and collaborations across the entirety of the Coachella Valley.  It is now time to give our athletes a home.

Desert Ability Center is in the beginning phase of planning for an adaptive sports center that is 100% accessible, where all are welcome and where the playing field is leveled so all can participate.

We are actively looking for movers and shakers, people recognized for their ability to make change and believe that all our community members have the right to be included.  We are looking for those who would like to be a part of this process and contribute their time and talent in development, design, sports, fundraising, healthcare and marketing to join our team.  If you think you can be the person we are looking for, contact us at (760) 674-7073.

Join us.  You will be glad you did.