Shaun Hillis, USN (RET) President

Dr. Hillis is a 29-year career Naval officer and disabled veteran.  Dr. Hillis’ academic research focuses on transformational leadership, organizational resistance to change, and generational cohorts.



Sean Nichols, Vice President

Sean exemplifies the spirit of our community and the heart and soul of Desert Ability Center. He and his UPS drivers began supporting paracyclists in 2014 recognizing the value of friendship and support of this elite population of cyclists.



Vanessa Tapia, Secretary         

Vanessa is the Branch Vice President of Provident Bank, La Quinta where, through their innovative Community Partnership Program she offers a Simple, new way  for nonprofits to raise money.  We are pleased to have Vanessa join us as our newest board member.

Letitia Collins, Board Member

Letitia brings invaluable life experience to the Desert Ability Center. Her marketing background and her life as a person with a spinal cord injury instill her with creativity and passion. Letitia’s talent can also be seen in the remarkable photographs she takes in the community and at adaptive sports events.   Contact Letitia Collins at: