Desert Amp Crew is a program of Desert Ability Center focusing on services and programs exclusively for people facing or living with limb loss.  We do not provide counseling services, endorse service provider or promote products.  All information shared is for educational purposes only.

Desert Amp Crew is extremely fortunate to have three Coachella Valley Certified Amputee Peer Visitors who will visit potential amputees before an amputation, while in the hospital and after their return home.  The power of peers in recovery for a person with an amputation cannot be overstated and our Peer Visitors are just a phone call away.

Ed and Louanne Granados          760-668-4465
Tom Horne                                     760-408-8770
Desert Ability Center                    760-333-1529

Desert Amp Crew holds monthly resource meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  Through these meetings we are able to connect people living with limb loss, introduce them to community resources and address questions they may have as an amputee.  Amputees and family members are encouraged to attend. Click here for upcoming meeting dates and additional events.

041917 Amp Crew Meeting

Desert Amp Crew Monthly Meeting, Palm Springs Air Museum